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Accounts Receivable Technologies (ART) has been pioneering innovative and effective collection programs for national creditors since 1993. With our state of art technology, highly refined proprietary processes, and large staff of industry experts, we provide our Clients with a CFPB driven customer service focused collection solution yielding superior results. Our recovery solutions have proven to boost our Clients’ net recoveries, reduce their consumer complaints AND protect their brand image. ART's ability to increase liquidation while effectively communicating a caring message to consumers truly defines us as the industry leader.

We take the time to ask the right questions, listen to our clients, and analyze their needs on an ongoing basis. We work in partnership with our Clients to develop long-term solutions satisfying their needs and as a "thought leader" supporting them as they prepare to overcome future challenges. We take our business and our Client partnerships very personally. We are a Compliance Driven Organization committed to adapting what we have developed to exceed the highest standards set forth by our most demanding Fortune 500 Clients to impress and serve all of our other equally deserving Clients.

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Award Winning Collections